PM Studio: Dan Miz Releases "Replay"


Back in May, New York-based singer-songwriter Dan Miz released a new song “Replay” following his second EP "Dive, Vol. 2" via streaming music services. 
The track is more EDM unlike his previously songs, but blending smooth '80s pop sound. It was written by Dan Miz, produced by Ryan Stockbridge. 
Dan Miz debuted with a single “Kiss You” in 2013. His debut EP "Dive, Vol. 1" was released in December 2017. Followed by, the second EP "Dive, Vol. 2" was released in February 2018. 

Dan Miz told MTM about the the song in an interview; 
"Replay is different because of the songs aesthetic. This song follows a more EDM feel and is the perfect wind up to summertime. I didn’t envision it turning into this when I started it but as I let it breathe it formed into something fun."

He said of his own music; 
"I don’t think I stick to one specific genre simply because I enjoy creating within every genre. I’d like to consider my music to be sophisticated pop simply because the core is pop but what’s surrounding it continuously evolves. 
What leads me down this road is my passion to create. I love creating music and sharing it with people. The idea of creating something from nothing amazes me every time." 

Dan Miz