EDM Sauce: Dan Miz - Circles


“Circles” is the debut single by NYC artist Dan Miz. This is Dan’s first project which seems to be unconventional considering that he has been making music for quite sometime. Within the past 8 years Dan has made 6 albums but decided to store them all away simply because the time didn’t feel right. After diligently working on perfecting his craft, Dan is finally ready to share his message with the world. The radio friendly electro, indie-pop ballad is a pretty fresh introduction to the new artist on the scene. Check out a quote from Miz on the track and stream “Circles” under that.

“Circles is a song that originally started out as a joke. It’s about a person who is happy one minute and the next second, shattering glass all over the living room floor. Never judge a book by its cover. ” – Dan Miz

Dan MizCircles