Celeb Mix: Dan Miz Premiere of "Replay"


If you’re unfamiliar with Dan Miz, he is a Pop / EDM artist based in New York City. Miz is quite the artist as he sings, writes and produces all his own material; he also taught himself how to play various musical instruments, including the drums, piano and ukulele. This then lead the EDM artist to include ‘Producer’ onto his resume, at the ripe age of 11.

With his multi-talented musical skills, Dan Miz’s music can simply be described as ‘unconventional’, which is what sets him apart from the plethora of Pop / EDM artists out there in the industry. One of Dan Miz’s most popular tracks, ‘Pulling Me’ has garnished over 200K streams on Spotify and continues to grow. Within ‘Pulling Me’, it’s the lyrics, ‘I wear my wounds on my sleeve / I wear my tears on my tees’, which see Miz conveying his feelings on a deeper level.


With the viral success of ‘Pulling Me’, Dan Miz then released his debut EP, ‘Dive Vol. 1’ in December 2017 followed by it’s predecessor, ‘Dive Vol. 2’ in February 2018. Both releases from the Pop / EDM artist were featured in Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist.

Dan Miz