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The DIVE collection is a compilation of sophisticated pop music making waves throughout the music industry. Singer, songwriter and producer, Dan Miz is bringing together electronic and acoustic sounding sonics in order to deliver a relatable message. 

"When it comes to consuming music, one must be fully immersed in it in order to grasp and understand the concepts. I want people to feel good listening to my music and what is better than diving into a deep pool of emotion?"

- Dan Miz





“Exceptionally soulful” and “seductive” are just a few of the phrases used to describe Dan Miz, the NYC based singer, songwriter, and producer. From early on, Dan was a self-taught drummer, using his musical inclinations as a springboard for mastering the piano, guitar, and the ukulele; by age 11, he already had “producer” on his resume. Being a NYC native afforded him exposure to some of the greatest musicians of all time, inspiring him to spend hours inside his home studio developing his own unique sound. The result was a sophisticated spin on pop music with endorphin-inducing tracks.   

With his unwavering vision, the 22 year old uses music to share his life stories and express a deep understanding of human emotion. He is an artist who breaks boundaries by delivering his message through unconventional sounds. It is his uninhibited, natural abilities and his “feel-good” music that leave fans smiling long after Dan has exited the stage.