“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”


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I’ve listened to Dan Miz’ ‘All Falls Down’ quite a few times not because I didn’t like it instantly but because it’s so good I just want to hear it over and over again. The track is pop with a little electronic vibe.


What can I say, this guy has soul, beautiful falsetto, harmony, and just brings pure magic in anything he produces. Dan speaks from the heart which can resonate to any listener who are listening to his music. Music is definitely in his blood because he is creative and talented and can bring his amazing ideas to life and that is a true genius right there. In this exclusive interview, Dan talks about where he’s from, how old did he know when he wanted to become a singer-songwriter, who was his inspiration, memorable achievements and more.

How old were you when you knew that you wanted to become a singer-songwriter?

DM: My passion for music started when I was 3. I picked up drum sticks then geared to piano, guitar and so on. I knew from the age of around 9 that I wanted to write/produce music and share my vision with the world. 

When you think of good music a list of artist to considered varies. Dan Miz on the other hand seems to be determined to be considered in that category. His new new single “Let It Go” is a exceptional new track that Miz plans to release this week. It is a breath of fresh air to hear in todays music of raindrops, droptops, and smoking in the hotbox. “Let It Go” has to potentially to be the next song to put on your playlist whether it’s for a road trip, morning inspiration, or even workflow kind of day. What impresses me most about this single and the artist Dan Miz, is the visuals that uses for his work, which you can check in the video below.

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After a long wait, we are pleased to formally introduce Dan Miz, the NYC-based singer, songwriter, and producer who will be releasing his debut album later in 2017. Dan has been releasing posts, videos, and Snapchat sound bits of his pop with an electronic edge material since near the start of this decade. After diligently working on his album over the last two years, Dan is finally putting out the one-off single Clouds, which won’t be found on his upcoming album.

Clouds is a fun-filled song with a deep spin about life’s challenges. Produced by Dan, the track screams sophistication. We asked Dan what it was about this song that made him release it and he replied, “I was always fascinated with combining two worlds together. The production in the song is uplifting but the words happen to be dark. The idea behind this concept was that at the end of the day, when it comes to life, darkness turns to light. This concept is something that is up for interpretation by the listeners, but that was my intention.”

We are excited to hear what he has in store for 2017. Dan is off to a good start and we now see why he has been so patient in perfecting his craft. 

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Soar into the weekend with "Clouds" by Dan Miz. This NY singer/songwriter comprised such an uplifting track. You might not even touch the ground ever again. Truly.

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Clouds är en upplyftande och medryckande poplåt av den New York-baserade musikern Dan Miz.
Låtens lekfulla produktion får en verkligen på supergott humör. Senare i år släpper Dan även sitt debutalbum.